Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pay for my order with Cryptocurrency?

Absolutely! Cryptocurrencies are the fastest and easiest way to place an order through our web store. We recommend that you have your payment ready prior to placing your order; the web store only allows a 20-minute window for payments to be sent to the provided address.

Which currencies are accepted?

We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many other coins. For a complete list, please visit

How do I know where and how much to send?

After filling your cart and submitting your order, you will be transported to the payment portal. The payment portal will provide you with the number of coins as well as the address to send the coins to. Please understand that we base our exchange rate off of the current rate provided by CoinGate – in order to process your order in the shortest amount of time, send ONLY the amount provided to you at check out. Do not rely on the dollar amount of your wallet/exchange as this may be a slightly different rate than our system is using to find your payment. Failure to send the amount provided to you can delay payments and in severe cases, cause your payment to be returned/not processed.

I want to pay with Western Union, but I don’t see it as a payment option – why?

In order to accept Western Union, we rely on a network of employees to safely and securely retrieve your payments. However, employees are not free and must be compensated for their contribution to our business. In order to provide fair wages, we have a minimum order amount of $200 for all Western Union orders.


Is tracking provided after I place my order?

In most cases, tracking is provided only at the request of the customer. Due to the large volume of orders that we receive, we’ve decided that it is less stressful for us to try and communicate hundreds of tracking numbers to each person who orders. That being said, should you wish to receive tracking, please contact us via email or Wickr. Be sure to provide your Last Name or Order Reference when messaging so that we can quickly and easily find your order to provide you with the appropriate information.

I want to order International Raws, but I am unsure if I am safe doing so – is it really that easy to have an order shipped to my house?

The short answer is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Ordering Internationally carries a slightly higher risk than ordering domestic. As such, International orders are stealthy packaged to provide the highest percentage chance of arriving on time and unmolested. As with anything, there are risks but it is up to you as the customer to decide if the rewards outweigh those risks.

What if my International Raws order is seized?

In the event of a customs seizure or non-delivery, we provide one reship to our US-based customers.

What if my International HGH order is seized?

Unfortunately, at this time, our International HGH vendor does not offer reshipment to customers with orders that are seized by customs. Orders that are seized or are not delivered are not the fault of the vendor or Southern Compounding – a reshipment or refund will not be offered. Please order at your own risk and peril.